Paddy Power denies Super-Injunction rumours

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Paddy Power denies Super-Injunction rumours

The sporting world was thrown into a state of shock today as alleged "family-man" Paddy Power denied claims HE was behind a recent Super-injunction concerning his relationship with Felicity Peaks. have pushed Power from 2/1 favourite out to 1,000/1 to be 2011 sports personality of the year.

Charlie Webster reviews the papers and catches up with one of Power's many famous friends.

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Ginger123 (10 minutes ago) rating 3/5
Paddy Power should hang his head in shame. Making love to a beautiful woman is the lowest of low.
Shocker2 (1 hour ago) rating 3/5
I knew Power when he was a regular at The Pink Flamingo Nightclub, he was a big hit with the ladies. NOT SURPRISED.
FatHead2000 (3 hours ago) rating 2/5
I also slept with Paddy Power, butter most definately WOULD melt in his mouth!
Big-Berty(Yesterday)rating 4/5
Jayney, dis is terrible, Power is the last guy I though would get involved in this sort of thing?
JizzableJim (Yesterday) rating 3/5
LOL! As if Felicity Peaks would go near Power. This has to be made up!
jonnymurphy (Yesterday) rating 4/5
Just saw it on Twitter. Power, has denied the rumour again. This is really kicking off!
Alotta Fagina (Yesterday) rating 2/5
Power is all man, I'm not surprised Felicity got her teeth into him.
Private-Dancer (Yesterday) rating 4/5
I think Power is s-e-x-y. Why not check out my private camz click on my user name.
Dirk Diggler (Yesterday) rating 5/5
I think people should leave Paddy Power alone, we're all human right?
TruPatriot (Yesterday) rating 1/5
This is coz of all the foreigners in the game, teaching our boys their new tricks, it makes me MAD!!!
Gazzie (Yesterday) rating 4/5
I blame the modern game, pros like Power have too much money and not enough sense these days.